Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Hope everyone has had a wonderful day with their families and at their church services today! We had a good service and Sunday School class. Ty got to pass out easter baskets and cards to all his little church friends this morning, it made his day & all the kids were so excited :)

Jerrus whistling for Ty haha
We spent the after noon at my parents house where we had our Easter dinner/ Jerrus' birthday dinner...YUM!!
WARNING: I took a lot of pictures :)
Ty 'finding' his easter bucket

so excited!

He really liked this, a mini watering can

"izars" :)

Dad & Mom

My dad came to church with us this morning. Ty was sooooo thrilled! He yelled "Papa" all through their sunday school report & booster band.

Me & my easter bucket!

having fun!


Mr & Mrs

:) :) :)

Love you all!!

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