Monday, March 28, 2011

My First Official Post! March 28th,2011

So excited to be starting our family blog! The closest thing to a scrapbook that I will be doing. This is our attempt at a more personal page for closer friends and family apart from our facebook. 

Things have been well in the Owen house! Jerrus' job keeps him busy, in which we are SO thankful! He really enjoys doing commercial electrician work. He is in his 2nd year as an apprentice, only 3years to go! Jerrus enjoys his classes and has scored really high in all of his work and evaluations! Im so proud of him! On the weekends he gets to relax and do things like work on the house and split firewood! LOL! And of course spend time with his little mini me!

 He has adjusted to California life well although I know he gets homesick for his family in Oklahoma. The Okie Owens have got to make several visits to California, mostly to see our little one though we think :)

I'm am still adjusting to my current job; being a stay-at-home 'Mama'!

 It's definetly not as easy as I had it pictured ( I havent once got to just lay on the couch and eat bon-bons all day!) but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I've taken up extra cooking and baking endeavors (as if it was needed) and having alot of fun with it! I've also done fruit boquets and will soon be selling some of my others 'yummies' as well!
Ty is a 16month old typical boy. He runs every where he wants to go, loves dogs & trucks, is quite the singer and a hoot in our church's booster band! His favorite thing to wear is his boots.

He doestn have to be wearing anything else as long as he has his 'boos' he is good to go!
He has an excellent vocabulary and has a silly sense of humor!
 He teases, hides, and sneaks up on people to scare them (I apologize in advance for the next time we are at you house and he jumps from behind the door). I love seeing his personality take shape and watching him grow! So thankful God has entrusted him to us!
(Ilove those chubby hands and scrunched up nose!)

Until next time!!

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